In order to make room in the engine bay for a turbo setup, a larger intake, or to simply clean up your bay, we understand that the battery needs to be relocated.

With this kit, you can relocate your battery where ever you choose, as long as it’s a ‘sealed battery,’ Some of the most popular locations are in the trunk area or behind the passenger seat.

Our kit consists of a billet battery tray, billet battery tie down, and all the necessary hardware for a clean and painless installation.

Billet Battery Tray

6061 Billet Aluminum Construction
CNC Machined
Flush Screw Mounting Points

Billet Battery Tie Down
6061 Billet Aluminum Construction
CNC Machined
Laser Etched “MPC” Logo

Stainless Steel Connections
Vibration Resistant NyLock Nuts


51R Size Batteries, found in
88+ Civic,
94+ Integra,
00+ S2000.

Available in Polished, Black or Gold.  Get yours >>HERE<<




Go ahead and mark your calendars, as if you haven’t already. Import Alliance will be here before you know it! We’re honored to be in attendance at one of the biggest import car meets in the country.

We’ll be set up and will have plenty of stock on all items. Be sure to take advantage of our show specials, not to mention our first 25 customers will receive a free gift!

v2 Billet Battery Tie Downs


v2 Billet Battery Tie Downs


Now available, our totally redesigned billet battery tie down!

As of now, all colors are in stock and ready to ship and are only $25/each!


6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
CNC Machined
Laser Etched “MPC” Logo
Works with OEM Batteries
Compatible with our Battery Relocation Kit

Our MPC Billet Battery Tie Down works with stock mounts, OEM and aftermarket batteries.

Our Tie Downs are designed using the latest C.A.D. software. They are constructed from certified T6 Heat treated Billet Aluminum, and machined on our state-of-the-art CNC machines. Precise tolerances are held, to ensure perfect fitment and durability. Once off our machines, they are given an anodize treatment and our logo is laser etched for a finishing touch to accent your engine bay.

88+ Civic
94+ Integra
00+ S2000



Now in stock and ready to ship!

For those that are using K-Pro, or other methods to control your radiator fan, this fitting is for you!  This fitting threads right into the Idle Air Assist Valve port (Not used on K Swaps), and allows you to use your OEM D or B Series Temperature Sensor.  This places your Temp Sensor in the coolant system, ensuring that your gauge cluster reads accurately.

We’ve done all of the R&D for you, so you’ll spend less time running all over town trying to piece your swap together, and more time enjoying the finished product!

Get yours  >>HERE<<


Spencer K Swap Pics-5 Spencer K Swap Pics-7 Spencer K Swap Pics-11 Spencer K Swap Pics-12 Spencer K Swap Pics-13 Spencer K Swap Pics-14

We’re on the final stretch tweaking and perfecting our 96-00 Civic K Series Mount Kit.

This kit will work for both K20 and K24 engines, however the K24 engines will require an additional bracket to be purchased from Honda.

ETA on this kit will be at the end of June, 2013.

Anodized Billet Mounts will be available in Black, Gold and Purple at NO EXTRA CHARGE. (Subject to Availability)

We’ve decided to utilize the readily available subframe from the EG Civic (or DC Integra).  As most already know, the use of this subframe also requires using the steering rack from the donor car as well as the drop forks, LCA’s and front sway bar/endlinks.  You may have to swap over the U-Joint at the bottom of the steering column, depending upon whether your car was originally equipped with power steering or not.

Why use the EG/DC Subframe?

If you’re going to put forth the effort to do a K-Swap, we believe using the EG/DC Subframe is the ONLY way to go.  By building our mount kit around this combination, we’ve been able to move the engine closer to the firewall which better distributes the weight and overall balance of your vehicle.  This also allows for a wider selection of axles, intake manifolds (such as the RBC), and header combinations.  Please note that using the RBC manifold is NOT possible with mount kits that reuse the factory EK Subframe.  Through rigorous testing, we’ve found that the EG/DC Subframe is able to give us the best ground clearance possible, with improved axle angle compared to the EK counterpart.

Why should I buy an MPC Mount Kit?

We’re glad you asked.  The answer, in two words, is quality and design.  We know how hard you work for your money, and when you buy our products we want you to be more than satisfied.  It’s unfortunate to spend $500+ on a ‘big name’ mount kit, only to be disappointed by inferior quality.  (ie: Cracked welds, Broken Brackets, Sloppy Machine Work,  Torn Bushings, etc)

From day one, quality and durability was our top priority, and still is today.  We’ve found that when you design a truly superior product, you don’t need any gimmicks to show people that.  Our steel brackets are fabricated in-house and TIG welded manually (not thrown on some assembly line), in our 9001 Certified Facility and finished with high grade industrial powder coat paint.  Our billet mounts are also designed, machined and tested here, on our state-of-the art CNC Milling equipment.

By keeping the whole process in house, we are able to control all aspects of quality, instead of buying products in from other companies and re-labeling them.

ALL of our mount kits are designed around our Torque Stabilization Technology (TST).  We’ve created this technology to ‘lock’ our bushings inside the mount, stabilizing the motor-set as well as reducing unwanted wheel-hop during launches.

But wait… There’s more!  This mount kit offers dual mounting points, allowing you to dial in the vertical position of the engine based on your individual needs.  The engine mounting position you choose is influenced by many factors; ride height, axle choice, intake/header choice, etc.

We stand behind our products, and offer a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

>>Click HERE for more info.<<



Our K-Series Swap clutch lines are now in stock and ready to ship!

After your K Swap has been dropped in, we know how anxious you are to get it out on the road.  Needless to say, a clutch line may not be at the top of your swap parts list, but it’s a critical component to get your vehicle moving.  Our clutch line has been created in order to connect your clutch slave cylinder to your clutch master cylinder. Your stock clutch line will simply not bolt up, and the fittings may not be compatible. The MPC Motorsport Clutch line creates a high quality, stainless steel braided ‘drop-in’ solution, and allows the motion from the clutch pedal to be transferred to the clutch fork.


• Perfect Length for seamless installation
• High strength corrosion resistant components
• Durable, Stainless Steel high pressure line
• One complete line for increased clutch feel and less chance of leaks


Why can’t I just re-use my factory, OEM line?

Your OEM lines are not designed to work for your K Series engine swap.  Due to the placement of the new clutch slave cylinder, there are currently no known OEM hard or soft line combinations that simply work with your new K Swap.

We currently make K-series Clutch Lines for the following vehicles: 88-91 Civic, 92-95 Honda Civic, 96-00 Honda Civic, & 94-01 Acura Integra.

For only $49, you get a high quality stainless steel braided clutch line that is durable and looks great.  For more details and ordering information, check it out here.




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ImageImageImageIt’s been a great Memorial Day weekend, with amazing weather.  Nothing is better than being able to clean the cars up and bring em out to a meet!  That’s exactly what we did last Saturday, at the meet hosted by Ravishing Cars & Photography.

Although relatively small, I have to say it was one of the more relaxed and laid back meets that we all thoroughly enjoyed.  It was nice to see familiar faces as well as new ones, and as always here at MPC we were excited to be a part of it.

No doubt – there was plenty of variety at this meet; from Civics to Corvettes and Vipers, we got to see a little bit of everything.  As the sun started to go down, we packed up and headed to the Foothills Mall, where the new Fast & Furious 6 movie was showing.  Our car meet was promptly ‘relocated’ to the movie theater by 7:30 sharp, and I can’t say I’m disappointed!

All in all, it was a great weekend and we’re looking forward to others much like this one.  A big thanks to Ravishing Cars & Photography for putting this all together, as well as all the other vendors and fans who came out to show their support.

You can catch the event coverage here.

Be sure to ‘like’ and follow the Ravishing Cars & Photography Facebook page, so you stay up to date and informed of the next car meets.