Go ahead and mark your calendars, as if you haven’t already. Import Alliance will be here before you know it! We’re honored to be in attendance at one of the biggest import car meets in the country.

We’ll be set up and will have plenty of stock on all items. Be sure to take advantage of our show specials, not to mention our first 25 customers will receive a free gift!

Import Alliance – KY Speedway – 2013


Import Alliance - KY Speedway - 2013

We had a great time this year at the Kentucky Speedway! Although it was our first year vending, we’ve been in attendance for the last three years and I have to say that this event was a tremendous success; the whole place was really filled up with cars and people.

We met a lot of great people, and got the chance to show case some our work which was definitely a win-win.

If you stopped by to check us out, please know that here at MPC Motorsport, we really appreciate it.

If you supported us by buying our product, know that thanks to you, we’ll be back next time!

We officially released several new parts at this event, and almost all of them have been added to our online store. We will also be doing full press releases on our each of our new products throughout the coming weeks.

If you missed this meet, you truly missed out. However, if it makes you feel any better, you can check out exactly what you missed out on. The Canibeat crew were in attendance as an official vendor, so keep an eye out for the photo drop on their site.




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